I became a Christian when I was nine years old. When I was thirty-three, I planted a church, which I now pastor. Somewhere in the middle, I became a man.

I’m also a Registered Radiologic Technologist who occasionally moonlights in Operating Rooms.

I liking writing about doctrine, practical matters, making things, manhood, skill-collecting, politics, American culture, church “culture”, and whatever else I find interesting at the moment.

I write these things from the perspective of a Christian, particularly an independent Baptist Pastor and church-planter.

Semper efficio!


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This is a personal blog. This blog only attempts to capture topics and ideas that I think about a lot or find interesting. It does not purport to be the final word. Some of the subjects I treat are not addressed directly in Scripture. In such instances, it is hard to draw a straight line from the Bible to the topic at hand. Instead, I must use a process of reasoning.