The Five Doctrines of Christian Manliness - Part 4 (Provision)

This is the fourth post in a series. You can find the previous post here.



Wisdom with resources

No one is making the case here that ladies cannot work and earn income. Of course, we must acknowledge that ladies were make by God with different talents, skills, abilities, and inclinations that men. Those innate differences are what are responsible for the classical, historical role differences between men and women. On average, men gravitate toward more production oriented, dangerous jobs, and longer work hours than women do. On average, women gravitate toward more nurturing and service oriented occupations than men do. This is not because of some systemic paradigm, but rather because men and women are different.

Grow up and be responsible…

However, though it is possible for both men and women to provide means in a home, I believe it is the responsibility of husbands to demonstrate wisdom with resources in the home. It seems it is unsettlingly normal in our culture to find wives making material sacrifices to ensure the home operates well and the husband is out shopping for a gaming console. My eye’s rolled really hard just writing that. Christian men must take wise leadership in the stewarding of material resources in the home. This might mean setting up a budget, making sure the family is generous toward God. How about saving for needed items like an insulated attic space so your kids room stays warm in winter and then paying the utility bill. Or, paying off debts so your kids don’t get stuck with them when you die. Buying life insurance. PLEASE don’t get caught without life insurance! So many other things could be listed here.

Provision Doctrine…

As a man, I must provide material means. This does not mean ladies should never earn income, but rather, as a man, regardless of the primary source or amount of income, I must diligently look to and lead the wise use of resources in my home. Under mutual cooperation with my wife, I am to provide in such a way that I can 1) Provide for the Lord’s work to continue and prosper in and through my local church, 2) Provide sufficiently for my family’s material needs both present and future, 3) Provide, as best I can, for an inheritance to my children’s children, and 4) Provide an honorable testimony to my family and others that my use of material means honors the Lord in every way. (See 1 Timothy 5:8, Genesis 2:24, 1 Peter 3:7, Proverbs 21:5, Proverbs 12:27, Proverbs 22:29).